November 10, 2017

Building Unmatched Confidence From Anxiety

Those of us with anxiety tend to lack confidence. But anxiety is actually a great spot to build confidence from. When nothing is happening, when everything is ideal, it is easy to be confident. But when the world is falling apart, can we walk with confidence between the collapsing buildings?

If we can do that, there will be no situation left in which we won't be confident. Anxiety can be used to build confidence that cannot be matched.

Anxiety raises the question, "What if something happens?" And it answers it with, "You could't handle it." But it doesn't have to answer for us. We can practice giving our own answer. We can change "I couldn't handle it" to "Bring it on, I can handle anything."

When anxiety hits, and we feel the instinctual urge to flee, we can practice choosing our response instead, saying with confidence that "I can handle anything. So I don't mind what happens."

We can continue walking forward even when our world feels like it's collapsing. Kind of like superheroes.

Personally, this small change of attitude has helped me tremendously. The confidence one can gather by going into their anxiety with a head held high is incomparable to anything. Because if we simplify it, anxiety is a fear of death. And once you face a fear that intense and instinctual, once you walk into it with confidence, you will know that you can handle anything.

Average fears won't worry us anymore. We walked through the highest possible challenge knowing that we could handle it, so there's nothing left to fear.

People who struggle with anxiety tend to think of themselves as weak. They might even be thought of as weak by others. But they carry this immense possibility for being the most courageous people. It's a long process, and it is not easy, of course, but it can be thought of as a great opportunity.

It took me years to get this far. But with the help of mindfulness, I slowly built up the courage to walk through anxiety with confidence, to run into it, to chase it down even. And I've never been more confident in the fact that after all of this, there is absolutely nothing I cannot do.

A guided meditation on the topic can be listened to here.

"Turn your fear around. The other side of it is strength." - from the first Andara book


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and you experience. You have reaching one thankful soul today. :)

  2. Thanks for this information. Now I think I will look into mindfulness.